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A roof protects you and anything inside your home from the wind, rain, and harsh summer sun. In other words, it takes care of you — but are you taking care of your roof? Most roofing tasks are best left to the professionals, since roofing requires special skills and safety gear. Still, you should learn how to recognize the signs that something is wrong with your roof so you know to give your roofing company a call. That's just one of the many things you will learn on this website, which we created to educate readers about roofs, roofing repairs, maintenance, and more.


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How Do You Know If You Need Roof Replacement?

While a roof leak is a problem that should be fixed right away, the big question is how you should repair the leak. Is it something that could be fixed with a simple repair, or does it mean that you need to get a whole new roof installed on your home? Here is how to tell if you need a roof replacement.

Have Your Roof Inspected

There are many aspects of a roof that will need to be inspected to tell if the roof is in good condition or not. A good inspection should include the material lying on top of the roof and the roof deck found underneath. The goal will be to figure out why the water is coming into the home and how it can be stopped. Sometimes the problem is a simple one where all you need to do is replace some damaged shingles. Other times, it will be due to the roofing material failing, and a lot of damage will have been caused to the underlying structure of the roof. 

The surrounding roofing material should also be evaluated at this time to figure out how much longer it is going to hold up. Are there missing granules? Are the shingles cracked? Are the shingles ripped or torn from wind damage? These are all reasons to remove all of the old roofing material and replace it.

Have The Old Material Removed

If the damage to the roof is significant, there will be at least a portion of the roofing materials that needs to be replaced. This is to ensure that the roofing material in that area is free of any problems and that damage caused to the roof deck is repaired. For example, there may be mold growth that has caused the wood base to rot or cracks across the roof deck that have compromised the structure and allowed water to get in. 

Evaluate The Roofing Material And Roof Deck

With the roofing material now gone above the section that is leaking water, you can make a better determination if the entire roof needs to be replaced. If you determined that the damage caused to the underlying material is too widespread, it may be better to rip off all the shingles to make the necessary repairs to the roof deck. 

Thankfully, a roofing contractor will be able to let you know what the best option is for dealing with your damaged roof. If a roof replacement is necessary, they will let you know after looking at the shingles and the roof deck.