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A roof protects you and anything inside your home from the wind, rain, and harsh summer sun. In other words, it takes care of you — but are you taking care of your roof? Most roofing tasks are best left to the professionals, since roofing requires special skills and safety gear. Still, you should learn how to recognize the signs that something is wrong with your roof so you know to give your roofing company a call. That's just one of the many things you will learn on this website, which we created to educate readers about roofs, roofing repairs, maintenance, and more.


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Services Your Roofing Contractor Offers To Help Your Roof Last Longer

Most people call a roofing contractor a couple of times in their lives — because this is how often they need a new roof. But did you know that roofing companies actually do more than put new roofs on homes? In fact, they offer a number of services that will help extend the life of your current roof so you don't have to call them for an expensive roof replacement quite as soon. Here's a look at those services.

Moss removal

If your roof is at all in the shade, you can bet you'll get some moss growth over the years. The moss might look kind of cool and rustic, but it's really bad for your shingles. It grows into them and causes them to crumble. The sooner you have the moss removed, the better — but you need to have this done professionally to avoid damaging the shingles even more during the removal process. Your roofing contractor can not only remove the moss but apply a specialized herbicide to keep the moss from growing back.

UV protection

Some sun is good for a roof. The sunshine dries out the roof between rainstorms so you don't end up with a lot of mold growth. But if you live in a really sunny area, your roof may actually get too much UV exposure, which can cause the shingles to get crumbly and lose their granules. Your roofing contractor can apply a specialized, UV protection spray to the roof to reduce the effects of sunshine. This will have a slightly reflective quality to it, which should also help keep your roof cooler and reduce your energy bills in the summer.

Flashing sealing

Most roofs have metal flashing in at least a few areas. There might, for example, be a layer of metal flashing around your chimney. As the roof ages, the flashing may continue to look fine, but in fact, it could be peeling away at the edges. This allows water to seep beneath it and eventually beneath the shingles. Your roofing contractor can come out every couple of years and seal the flashing with some caulk or roof cement, stopping this water infiltration and keeping everything dry.

If you want to learn more about these and other preventative roof care services, call local roofing contractors. They will be happy to help you extend the life of your roof and save in the long-term.